Naga #7, Maha Kumb Mela

Naga #7, Maha Kumb Mela

By Mark Luscombe-Whyte

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Mark Luscombe-Whyte

73cm x rip

Artists proof. Series of 6

In the late 1990's I was spending a lot of time in India which was quickly becoming my spiritual home. I was traveling with no agenda or mission apart from discovering the country and taking as many pictures as possible. In 1999 I went off with my good friend Patrick Mark who was embarking on a series of documentaries that Mark Shand was going to present along with Aditya Patankar and I met Mark for the first time in Arunachel Pradesh where the crew were about to start filming with a tribe called the Adi in the middle of the jungle and we went on our first adventure and these then continued all over India. As I got to know Mark he opened my eyes to India and filled me with inspiration and all of the pictures here are a direct result of that. With some he was there beside me and others they came from suggestions he made.

Now every time I think of India, I think of Mark as they have so many similarities, colourful, larger than life and completely chaotic but within the chaos there is always an order, as the writer Norman Lewis once said, 'a happy ant heap'.